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Please consider the following when sending us a CAD file:

1. All files must be a closed solid.

a. A solid has no naked edges. That's a concise definition. Another way to understand a solid is to see it as a balloon. If there is even a pin prick size hole, it will deflate, thus it is not air/watertight, not volumetric. A solid is a volume. A solid is its outer surfaces, once they are completely joined.

b. If you are using Rhino, use the ShowEdges command with the display set to “naked edges” to find the unjoined edges.

2. All surfaces must be 0.8mm or thicker.

3. Engravings or cut out patterns must be >= 0.3mm wide and >= 0.5mm deep.

4. Prongs for stone settings:

a. Prongs must be >= 0.6mm in size

b. Prongs must extend 10% past the stone so that the setter can work with them.

5. We will scale your file for shrinkage in casting and molding so that dimensions remain accurate; however you can expect up to 0.25mm to be lost from surfaces in manufacturing processes like filing and polishing which we will NOT scale for filing. If you want a surface to end up at 1.0mm thick, it is recommended to make it at 1.2mm thick.

a. A recommended way to do this in Rhino is by using the “offset” command to extrude all surfaces by 0.1mm (this will add 0.1mm to each side) effectively thickening a piece for manufacturing loss.