American Gemstone Group

American Gemstone Group was founded in 2006 with the creation of American Gemstone Authority, LLC (USA) to offer better manufacturing solutions to jewelry brands worldwide.

In 2009 American Gemstone LTD (Thailand) was created to bring in house all of our manufacturing services.

Our focus has been to offer our partners unparalleled service, ultra rapid delivery, and the quality that you would expect of a top ten brand manufacturer. Our clients range from established, very well known, international jewelry brands, to jewelry wholesalers, and boutiques across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. We make new product development affordable to encourage innovation, and more importantly achieve some of the fastest times to market in the industry. We take intellectual property very seriously, and all customer molds, masters, designs, and products thereof are used only for the benefit of that customer and remain their property. Our intellectual property agreements are issued from our American company, so your business is protected within United States legal jurisdiction.

If you’d like to read more about our factory, we invite you to check out our virtual jewelry factory tour.

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