Do You Manufacture Gold Filled Jewelry?

June 27, 2017

We do not manufacture gold filled jewelry, but we do excel at Gold Vermeil Electroplating with typical wear times over 3 years.

What’s the difference?

It depends in which country you look, many countries don’t make any distinction between Gold Filling and Gold Plating, but for America, the distinction is weight.

Gold Filling:

The US requires a minimum 10%  of the net weight of the item to be gold for an item to be stamped “GF” (Regulated by the Federal Trade Commission). As many other countries do not have this requirement, be weary of inexpensive gold filled items as it may be perfectly legal in the country of manufacture to call an item gold filled and stamp it GF even though it does not meet the US standard.


Vermeil Gold Plating:

Vermeil gold plating is a term used to describe thick gold electroplating that is made to over 2.5 microns (98.5 Micro Inches). Wear times on gold plating can vary wildly depending on the thickness of the plating, the plating solution used, as well as the quality of the plated surface. We are extremely proud of our plating set up. Our R&D department has engineered extremely durable plating alloys, so your past plating problems are over when you move your work to us. All of our platings are nickel free and REACH compliant.

Can I send you my CAD designs?

January 25, 2017

Yes. We do have very specific requirements that must be followed if we’re going to be able to use your files for production. In the long run we recommend our clients to use our CAD design team where possible. Their really some of the best in the industry and we intentionally keep our fees very low with the idea that by us subsidizing design, you will be able to move into production quicker.

For more details on our design requirements please visit our CAD design page:

Jewelry Design Services in Thailand

Do you offer dropshipping?

Unfortunately we’re not presently set up to offer drop-shipping. This has to do with the nature of how goods are shipped and packed from our factory in Thailand.

1.) The cost of shipping would be prohibitively high for low to mid end items.

2.) We would be unable to honor any custom packaging or invoicing requests.

We are however able to accommodate orders of every size including single pieces, and since your pricing in your account is set based on overall volume, not dependent on quantities ordered of individual SKU’s, you can easily process client orders by passing them directly on to us for production. We’ll group your shipments to you by your preference to maximize the number of pieces in a shipment, then you can send the pieces on to your clients.

Do you manufacture pearl jewelry?

Yes! We regularly work with freshwater pearls, both half drilled and fully drilled.

We do not work with baroque pearls as it would be difficult to establish an acceptable quality standard since each pearl shape is irregular and unique.

Submit a design to get started!

Do you offer Enamel?


We use a special kind of hard cold enamel that is hand applied and UV cured. This is resistant to abrasives and chemicals.

Of course it’s not possible to specialize in everything. Certain types of enameled jewelry just aren’t feasible to manufacture in small batches. If your design has a complicated enameling pattern, after you upload your design our customer service will consult our production team and let you know within 24 hours if it’s something that we can do.

Can you manufacture bead, rope, and charm style bracelets?

Yes, we can, but you’ll be limited to materialize that we regularly use for these types of things.

We can make shamballa style bracelets, but the development costs are high because each charm must be developed separately as a unique SKU.

Beads: Be aware that beads will always be subject to availability and you may only be able to specify general requirements like bead size and allow us to propose something as close to your requirements as possible.

What kinds of finishing do you offer?

Matte (Satin) finishing is a brushed-look type of texture applied to the surface of jewelry made up of very fine lines on the surface.

Matte (Sandblast) finishing is a finished made by blasting tiny particles of sand or aluminum oxide at the surface of the jewelry. The effect is to make a matte surface that resembles very fine sandpaper.

High Polish finishing is a shiny near mirror finish.

We also offer silver Oxidization (Antiquing). Please note that Oxidization cannot be used on a piece together with other plating options. This is because oxidization is not a plating, it is a chemical reaction with the metal. Oxidization should also only be done in groves and recessed areas, and generally not on raised areas or areas that come in contact with the skin. This is because unlike plating, oxidization can easily be polished off by friction and is not a durable finishing method if applied to raised areas.

Where can I find your chains catalog?

When submitting a product for quotation that uses chains, you will notice a bunch of different chain codes in our system.

You can find our chains catalog at: http://www.gemwares.com/CHAINS.pdf

Regarding clasps and findings: You can find our findings catalog at: http://www.gemwares.com/FINDINGS.pdf

Do you have a jewelry catalog I can order from?

No! We are exclusively a manufacturer for brands. Meaning EVERYTHING that we create is the proprietary property of our clients. You send us your sketches, pictures, or designs and we turn it into jewelry.

Our CAD design team can develop collections exclusively for you as well if given a centralized theme.

Can you engrave my logo and other custom engravings?

Yes! As a brand manufacturer we will gladly engrave your brands logo into your jewelry. We actually have multiple ways of doing this. Usually we will do this directly into the master (the production device that’s used to make production). We do this at no extra cost and this tends to come out far sharper and more professional then individually stamping each piece.

If we have to engrave each piece individually, we charge a little bit extra for this depending on the size of the engraving and typically use an engraving machine or laser engraver to do this as it comes out far more detailed than a stamp would. Also you do not deform the jewelry as can happen with stamping thin pieces and pieces that do not have suitable flat areas.

If you prefer us to stamp your logo onto your jewelry, and would like to send us stamping tools or have us create them for you, we can do that as well, just be aware that you might need a variety of stamps suited to different types of pieces, and the result will not be as sharp as an engraving.

It’s usually a good idea to indicate where you want your logo to be engraved at the time you submit your design. If you don’t indicate, or don’t have a preference, we’ll choose a suitable place for you based on industry standards.