Can you engrave my logo and other custom engravings?

Yes! As a brand manufacturer we will gladly engrave your brands logo into your jewelry. We actually have multiple ways of doing this. Usually we will do this directly into the master (the production device that’s used to make production). We do this at no extra cost and this tends to come out far sharper and more professional then individually stamping each piece.

If we have to engrave each piece individually, we charge a little bit extra for this depending on the size of the engraving and typically use an engraving machine or laser engraver to do this as it comes out far more detailed than a stamp would. Also you do not deform the jewelry as can happen with stamping thin pieces and pieces that do not have suitable flat areas.

If you prefer us to stamp your logo onto your jewelry, and would like to send us stamping tools or have us create them for you, we can do that as well, just be aware that you might need a variety of stamps suited to different types of pieces, and the result will not be as sharp as an engraving.

It’s usually a good idea to indicate where you want your logo to be engraved at the time you submit your design. If you don’t indicate, or don’t have a preference, we’ll choose a suitable place for you based on industry standards.