Can I send you and stock my own gemstones with AGA?

We only accept to stock and use client gemstones from established businesses. Unfortunately if you are a startup you will need to choose from the large selection of gemstones that we regularly stock.

If you are an established business, we are happy to receive your stock, however be aware of the following;

  • While we will do our best to protect your gemstones and segregate your gemstones from our own stocks, we take no liability for clients gemstones while in our possession.
  • You will be responsible for any import duties accrued on receiving these stones. Please follow our shipping instructions to minimize these. In our experience importing gemstones, if the above instructions are followed, it has not been a problem. Generally gemstones are an import tax free item, leaving only the possibility of a 7% VAT on goods.
  • There will be additional setting charges for using client provided stones. This covers the additional administration hassle of having to maintain segregated gemstone stocks and inventories. These additional fees can be evaluated when you upload a product for quotation by notating to our staff the types and sizes of gemstones you intend to provide by adding a product note.