Can you produce a copy of pieces from (insert brand here)?

We will never knowingly violate trademark or copyright law. You, the client, must certify to us that you are the owner of any intellectual property that you have us manufacture. That said, legally you are allowed to draw inspiration from other designers or replicate designs that are public domain. In short, you are allowed to draw inspiration from other works to create your own; this is normal, and part of the artistic process, but you are not allowed to exactly copy other copyrighted works, or to ask us to put a trademark or manufacturers mark that you do not own onto your jewelry.

Copyright law, especially when applied to jewelry designs can be very complicated. If you are not sure whether you have the right to manufacture something, consult a IP lawyer before beginning. Please note that in our manufacturing agreements, you will agree to the following:

“Purchaser certifies that all intellectual property disclosed to Manufacturer in connection with this agreement is Purchaser’s original works, or that Purchaser has legal rights to reproduce said intellectual property and has authority to authorize Manufacturer to reproduce said intellectual property on Purchaser’s behalf. Purchaser assumes all legal liability for any third party claims resulting from Manufacturer’s reproduction of Purchaser’s intellectual property should they arise. In the event that Manufacturer is required to respond to a third party or law enforcement subpoena or court order that is related to Purchaser’s use of the Site or Products, Manufacturer may, in Manufacturer’s sole discretion, require Purchaser to reimburse Manufacturer for Manufacturer’s reasonable expenses associated with complying with such subpoena or order.”