Can you work with only pictures and measurements of gemstones for the wax models?

  • When provided with a picture or a hand drawn design, we generally strongly recommend proceeding with a CAD design prior to commencement. This allows us to render a 3D model and make sure there will be no production issues with the design prior to commencement. It also allows us to estimate weights and stone counts much more accurately than a ballpark guess, which means you will have a much better idea of the final price of the product.
  • If a client is insistent on proceeding without a CAD, we can work directly from pictures provided they contain measurements of all aspects of the jewelry; though we will need to be able to ascertain gemstone counts and sizes. Just be aware that without a CAD you are authorizing a large amount of discretion to the jeweler who will be preparing the wax. Also quotations based on images may not be very accurate weight-wise so there may be substantial material discrepancy on product completion (IE we estimate 4 grams and the product is 6 grams). Where discrepancies are substantial the difference will either be billed additional or refunded on product completion.