What kinds of finishing do you offer?

Matte (Satin) finishing is a brushed-look type of texture applied to the surface of jewelry made up of very fine lines on the surface.

Matte (Sandblast) finishing is a finished made by blasting tiny particles of sand or aluminum oxide at the surface of the jewelry. The effect is to make a matte surface that resembles very fine sandpaper.

High Polish finishing is a shiny near mirror finish.

We also offer silver Oxidization (Antiquing). Please note that Oxidization cannot be used on a piece together with other plating options. This is because oxidization is not a plating, it is a chemical reaction with the metal. Oxidization should also only be done in groves and recessed areas, and generally not on raised areas or areas that come in contact with the skin. This is because unlike plating, oxidization can easily be polished off by friction and is not a durable finishing method if applied to raised areas.