Do You Manufacture Gold Filled Jewelry?

We do not manufacture gold filled jewelry, but we do excel at Gold Vermeil Electroplating with typical wear times over 3 years.

What’s the difference?

It depends in which country you look, many countries don’t make any distinction between Gold Filling and Gold Plating, but for America, the distinction is weight.

Gold Filling:

The US requires a minimum 10%  of the net weight of the item to be gold for an item to be stamped “GF” (Regulated by the Federal Trade Commission). As many other countries do not have this requirement, be weary of inexpensive gold filled items as it may be perfectly legal in the country of manufacture to call an item gold filled and stamp it GF even though it does not meet the US standard.


Vermeil Gold Plating:

Vermeil gold plating is a term used to describe thick gold electroplating that is made to over 2.5 microns (98.5 Micro Inches). Wear times on gold plating can vary wildly depending on the thickness of the plating, the plating solution used, as well as the quality of the plated surface. We are extremely proud of our plating set up. Our R&D department has engineered extremely durable plating alloys, so your past plating problems are over when you move your work to us. All of our platings are nickel free and REACH compliant.