Do you do electroforming?

January 25, 2017

Unfortunately we do not presently offer electroforming, however we can manufacture many types of hollow jewelry via other methods. The weight will be significantly higher then you would see via the electroform proccess, but the quality will be much higher.

We recommend that you register an account with us and submit your design, then we can have a look at and provide a quotation by an alternative method of manufacture.

How much do you charge for CAD design?

Typically we charge between $39 and $99 per jewelry design as a one time fee. Our CAD designs are made for 3D printing, not just for rendering, so certain tolerances and specifications are followed. For more information on our CAD services, visit the Jewelry Design section of our website below.

Jewelry Design Services in Thailand

Can I send you my masters and molds?

If your shifting your production to us from your current manufacturer, we will need masters. This is because we insist on auditing the quality of the masters, choosing the sprew location to reduce quality problems in the casts, and  using our own molds. The molds that we use are a special type of cold state silicon that hardens to the durability of vulcanized rubber molds.

If you provide us with masters, you can expect that we may polish them, repair defects, or add a sprew to them as necessary to meet our production standards.

If you are ready to proceed and send us a style or two, register an account and submit a picture of the design along with the product details and we’ll get it quoted for you and send you information on how to ship us your masters for those products.

What are your ethical and environmental practices?

We are Socially Responsible & CTPAT Certified; Compliant with strictest ethical standards in the industry. Our corporate policy on commitment to social responsible manufacturing is publicly available on our website.

As a manufacturer for companies listed on public stock exchanges, we have underdone a number of 3rd party social responsibility audits.


Do you offer E-Coating?

December 20, 2016

E-Coating is typically applied on top of flash plantings to improve durability. Since we only offer durable plating solutions that in and of themselves will have years of wear time, we do not offer E-Coating. We advise our clients to stick to real vermeil plating solutions as e-coating can lead to all sorts of post production problems. Electrophoretic coatings are considerably thicker than other plantings which lead to chain, clasp, and surface consistency issues. When e-coatings do wear, they tend to go in an unattractive manner, making your piece of jewelry look plastic and fake. On top of that, they are reactive to a wide array of solvents and jewelry cleaners which can lead to product returns form your clients down the road.

What types of plating do you offer (Gold, Rhodium, Etc…)

We have a state of the art plating set up and not only offer a wide range of plating options, but also offer a 2 year guaranty on our plating. As such, all of our gold plating is thick micron vermeil gold plating meaning we stick to over 2.5microns and reality we often plate up to 4microns. Our R&D department has engineered extremely durable plating alloys, so your past plating problems are over when you move your work to us. All of our platings are nickel free and REACH compliant.

  1. 18K Yellow Gold Vermeil
  2. 18K Pink Gold Vermeil
  3. White Rhodium
  4. Black Rhodium – We actually use Black Rhodium, not Black Rhutanium as many jewelers offer to save cost as the Black Rhutanium has all sorts of durability and post production issues.

We do not offer flash plating options. We do not believe it is worth the customer hassles. Quality brands offer quality.

We also offer silver Oxidization (Antiquing) as a finishing. Please note that Oxidization cannot be used on a piece together with any other plating option. This is because oxidization is not actually plating, it is a chemical reaction with the metal. Oxidization should also only be done in groves and recessed areas, and generally not on raised areas or areas that come in contact with the skin. This is because unlike plating, oxidization can easily be polished off by friction and is not a durable finishing method if applied to raised areas.


What is your order turnaround time?

November 25, 2016

  • New product samples are usually shipped in under 3 weeks.
  • Production orders are usually shipped in under 3 weeks.
  • Our average order turnaround time for 2016 was 16 days, but some products can take longer due to specific component requirements.
  • Due to national holidays, orders placed close to the Thai New Year (Middle of April) and at the end of December will be subject to a week of additional production time.

How do you grade calibrated colored gemstones in your system?

November 22, 2016

Grade AAA – Consistent Brighter colors. Diamond cut. Loupe clean up to VS quality.
Grade AA – Consistent Lighter colors. Diamond cut. Eye clean up to SI-2 quality.
Grade A – Inconsistent mixed colors. Minor inclusions up to I-1 quality.

Can you produce a copy of pieces from (insert brand here)?

October 16, 2016

We will never knowingly violate trademark or copyright law. You, the client, must certify to us that you are the owner of any intellectual property that you have us manufacture. That said, legally you are allowed to draw inspiration from other designers or replicate designs that are public domain. In short, you are allowed to draw inspiration from other works to create your own; this is normal, and part of the artistic process, but you are not allowed to exactly copy other copyrighted works, or to ask us to put a trademark or manufacturers mark that you do not own onto your jewelry.

Copyright law, especially when applied to jewelry designs can be very complicated. If you are not sure whether you have the right to manufacture something, consult a IP lawyer before beginning. Please note that in our manufacturing agreements, you will agree to the following:

“Purchaser certifies that all intellectual property disclosed to Manufacturer in connection with this agreement is Purchaser’s original works, or that Purchaser has legal rights to reproduce said intellectual property and has authority to authorize Manufacturer to reproduce said intellectual property on Purchaser’s behalf. Purchaser assumes all legal liability for any third party claims resulting from Manufacturer’s reproduction of Purchaser’s intellectual property should they arise. In the event that Manufacturer is required to respond to a third party or law enforcement subpoena or court order that is related to Purchaser’s use of the Site or Products, Manufacturer may, in Manufacturer’s sole discretion, require Purchaser to reimburse Manufacturer for Manufacturer’s reasonable expenses associated with complying with such subpoena or order.”

Can you provide references?

October 11, 2016

  • We produce jewelry for a number of well-known international jewelry brands, including Top 10 Brands. Products that we manufacture for clients can be found in many department store chains worldwide. We have clients inside the US, as well as all over Europe, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, and Asia.
  • Our intellectual property agreements require that we do not disclose specific information about our clients without requesting their permission to do so on a case by case basis. As such, references can be provided, but we will need some notice to receive authorization from individual clients first.
  • To do this, you will need to use our Contact Form authorizing us to disclose your identity to a reference. We will then request a letter of recommendation from a brand that we feel appropriate to the situation.