What types of plating do you offer (Gold, Rhodium, Etc…)

We have a state of the art plating set up and not only offer a wide range of plating options, but also offer a 2 year guaranty on our plating. As such, all of our gold plating is thick micron vermeil gold plating meaning we stick to over 2.5microns and reality we often plate up to 4microns. Our R&D department has engineered extremely durable plating alloys, so your past plating problems are over when you move your work to us. All of our platings are nickel free and REACH compliant.

  1. 18K Yellow Gold Vermeil
  2. 18K Pink Gold Vermeil
  3. White Rhodium
  4. Black Rhodium – We actually use Black Rhodium, not Black Rhutanium as many jewelers offer to save cost as the Black Rhutanium has all sorts of durability and post production issues.

We do not offer flash plating options. We do not believe it is worth the customer hassles. Quality brands offer quality.

We also offer silver Oxidization (Antiquing) as a finishing. Please note that Oxidization cannot be used on a piece together with any other plating option. This is because oxidization is not actually plating, it is a chemical reaction with the metal. Oxidization should also only be done in groves and recessed areas, and generally not on raised areas or areas that come in contact with the skin. This is because unlike plating, oxidization can easily be polished off by friction and is not a durable finishing method if applied to raised areas.