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Welcome to American Gemstone Group’s custom jewellery factory. We offer complete solutions for jewellery businesses and jewellery designers looking for a faster, more cost effective way to manufacture their fine jewellery productions.

We are an American company with our own fully owned jewellery factory in Bangkok, Thailand. We do all of our work in house, from casting through plating, allowing for our strict QC procedures at every stage of the manufacturing process. We’ve incorporated technology into every aspect of our production to allow for some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Product Development

Our customer support, fluent in English and on site at our jewellery factory in Bangkok, Thailand, will maintain constant communication with you throughout the development process, ensuring accurate implementation of jewellery design details and keeping you up to date with real time progress.

We like to consider ourselves rapid adapters of new technology. Our jewellery factory uses the most advanced equipment in the market to cut down delivery times and uphold the highest standards of quality.

Best in the business

  • Ultra Fast Turnaround
  • Top 10 Brand Quality
  • Fastest Time to Market in The Industry
  • Socially Responsible & CTPAT Certified Jewellery Factory
  • Free Trade Agreement Registered Exporter so may send items duty free to jewellery wholesalers in Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Peru, Chile, China, India, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, and Myanmar.
  • GSP Tax Preference To America, in many cases reduced or exempt import duties on silver and gold jewellery.
  • Design Confidentiality.

Jewellery Factory Floor

To enable rapid delivery, our jewellery factory uses internal tracking systems to bar-code and scan every piece of jewellery as it moves through our factory. This allows our  proprietary intelligent tracking systems to inform our production team if any pieces are taking an unusual amount of time in a certain process. In this way we’re able to sync our internal production calendar with the information provided to our clients on the client-side portal. It’s through this same system that we are able to log and notate production methods and notes specific to every piece that we produce, which helps us ensure that we employ best practices for a particular SKU every single time that we make it.

Advanced Equipment

Jewelers at our factory use hydrogen jewellery torches instead of acetylene as it burns cleaner and makes a smaller flame. This allows for more precise welding and stronger welding joints. In addition to hand welding, we employ spark welders and laser welders for chains. A common problem among inexperienced jewellery factories is that they use hand torches to weld chains to clasps and other components. This heats up the solder in the links and causes the chain links themselves to become extremely weak causing defects later on with your customers.

In-House Casting

Our R&D department is constantly seeking new ways to innovate the production process through the adoption of industrial practices into jewellery manufacturing. It’s through this open minded approach to technology that our jewellery factory has been able to grow extremely rapidly and over the past 10 years become an industry leader in branded jewellery manufacturing.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our production molds employ RFID codes that talk to our wax injectors to ensure that injection settings are the same every time. This leads to a very high degree of product consistency right from the beginning of the production cycle and less defects that need manual correction later. We also use special molds that are low shrinkage, do not require vulcanizing, and have production durability similar to that of normal vulcanized rubber. This gives us much better surfaces and sharper detail then typical of vulcanized rubber molds.

Highly Skilled Jewelers

While we try to employ technology to improve quality wherever possible, manufacturing jewellery will always rely heavily on skill. To this end we employ some of the most skilled jewelers in the world. Our micro-pave setting is done by hand, using microscopes, and to the highest level of Swiss standards. Our jewelers come from a variety of backgrounds but many have worked for top 10 brands at various points in their careers. Thailand, being a jewellery manufacturing hub, has some of the most skilled artisans in the world. Our Thai jewellery factory has stringent recruitment practices and we constantly seek out the best of the best.

Top Quality Control

Our quality control team is some of the best in the industry. Their job is to ensure that QC never needs to be carried out again by you after delivery. In this way, you can confidently deliver your products, focus on your job, and let us do the rest.

Your Own Private Catalog

Our web portal will help you confidentially submit your jewellery designs to us for quotation and development. Through our web interface, all of the products that you have developed with us are contained in your encrypted user account in a private catalog view-able only by you, and order-able with the click of a button. All of your designs, masters, molds, and production devices will remain your property and be used exclusively for making your products for you.

We look forward to receiving details about your jewellery project(s) for manufacture, and hope to establish a long business relationship together.

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