We Are Your Jewelry Manufacturer

Jewelry Production Procedures

Our web interface allows us to proceed and track both your product development and your jewelry productions in a very systematized way. Our website will store your products, process your orders, advise you on delivery schedules, and much more. It’s through this unique system that we’re able to manage some of the fastest delivery times in the industry; both in terms of time to market, and in delivery of jewelry production orders.

The following is our standard process for the manufacture of a new commercial product line:

  1. Sign Up: Start by creating a user account (if you do not yet have one) by clicking on the “Register” button on the top right hand corner of this page. This process takes about 30 seconds to complete and is completely free. Please fill out all the relevant information about yourself on the following page and click submit. Your new client account, where all of your products will be stored and visible only by you, will automatically be created. This is account is your jewelry production center for manufacturing jewelry with us.

  2. Custom project submission: Once logged in; select the link that says “Submit Design”. This will bring you to our product quotation system where you may individually submit new jewelry designs for quotation. Please note that each form corresponds to a SINGLE product and each product you wish to receive a quotation on will need to be entered into our system separately. Follow the instructions given and try to include as specific information as possible including dimensions, multiple views, and stone counts. If you don’t have very specific requirements, our design team will use their discretion in finalizing your design for you. At the time of product submission, your jewelry product will be flagged under “Needs Review” status. Usually within 24 hours of submitting a product, it will be reviewed by our jewelry technicians who will make a rough quotation using estimated material weights. If you’ve already been manufacturing production with other jewelry manufacturers, than our staff can help you transfer your products over to our system.

  3. Order A Sample: Once a product has been reviewed, you may proceed to order the sample for production by clicking on the Place Order button on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. At this stage, if material weights or gemstone counts have been given, these are simply estimates and will be revised on prototype completion. Though we will always do our best to be at or below estimated weights, it is not uncommon to be over or under projection by as much as 15%. Significant material discrepancies from estimate to final piece will either be billed or refunded on product completion. Initially when you create a new jewelry design, it will include either design services, development fees, or both. Once we have completed the sample, these fees will be removed, and the product will be updated to reflect actual material usages so that so that you may order your jewelry in production quantities.

Making a Production Order

  1. “Production Status”: When a prototype is completed, your product entry in your private online catalog will be updated to “Production Status” to reflect actual material weights and counts used in your product. Please note that our quotes and invoices are time sensitive as they are based around a certain market price for gold and silver. Because gold prices fluctuate all the time, you can expect that the price of your piece will fluctuate over time as well.
  2. Placing a Production Order: To enter an order of a product which has already had a prototype developed and entered into our system, log in to your user account and fill in the desired order quantities in the quantity fields listed next to your product. Selecting “Buy Now” will automatically generate an invoice and bring you to a check-out screen. Alternatively, our system also allows for the upload of orders through a csv (excel) file. This can save a lot of time in your order processing as most Point of Sale systems can accommodate exporting into this format. Our company has a no MOQ policy, meaning that you may order any quantity of products for manufacture. Our ordering systems allow for you to practice Just In Time inventory systems and place your orders with us according to your distributors orders to you. Our larger clients sometimes place 10 – 50 orders per day according to their distributions. Orders can contain anywhere from one piece to many thousands of pieces depending on your production needs. For our larger clients, we can also do some pretty neat stuff with Point Of Sale integration to help you complete automate the order process. All this results in faster order times, faster deliveries, and you having to keep less stock.
  3. Order Tracking: Through your user account, you will be able to view both current and past orders. Your order status will also be periodically be updated by our staff so that you monitor live your order progress. Expected delivery dates will also appear usually within 24 hours of receiving payment for an order. Production order turn around times are usually within 3 weeks.
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  5. Review Our Progress: Once an order has been processed, you will periodically receive status updates from our customer support staff with current manufacturing status and estimated completion dates. You may also log into your user account and see the status of your order at any time through your order tracking.
  6. Developing New Products: When developing new products, questions, status updates, design images, and CAD files are saved inside each individual product page. To respond to a question or request for additional information, find the relevant product in your product catalog, click on it, and click the “Add Notes” button at the bottom of the screen. Through this individual product page you may also upload additional images which further illustrate your concepts or add CAD files for use by our CAD designers. Our administration will automatically be notified of any notes, images, or files that you append to a products specification.

Jewelry Production Time-frames

  • Custom Jewelry Design (If Applicable): Usually less than three days many designs are involved.
  • Custom Jewelry Prototyping: This is the longest and most difficult stage of development. Typically it will take between 3 and 5 weeks to come out with the first prototype. With most designs we are able to produce an initial prototype within 3 weeks. If changes must be made at this point another 1 to 3 weeks may be necessary.
  • Custom Jewelry Production: Most productions can be completed within a 3 week period.

Please note that if you are shifting your productions over from other jewelry manufacturers, you will need to request both your masters and molds back from them. Except under rare circumstances we generally will not work from other companies molds as it is imperative to be able to control quality from the very beginning of the production cycle.