American Gemstone Authority, LLC is pleased to announce the long awaited launch of it’s unique manufacturing portal. The new user interface allows clients to login and receive instant quotations for the manufacture of custom jewelry items. Client’s products are view-able only by the product creator through their encrypted user account and are available for order and re-order by simply logging in and entering the desired number of pieces. Prices for all client products are updated weekly following movements in the precious metals markets.

“All client communication is streamlined through the website and attached to a specific product. This ensures that communication is routed to all the appropriate people that need to take action on that information. Through this system, clients have the ability to add specific development or QC notes to products, as well as add additional information, images, or files directly to a product. This is really revolutionary in the way it allows us to process information flow on tens of thousands of different products, each with their own unique specifications, manufacturing processes, and QC points. It also allows us to efficiently handle special requests like ring sizing and engravings.”

-Art Jeffrey, Customer Success Manager

The new system boasts and impressive list of client-side features like order statistics, best sellers for given periods of time, track order progress and history, it even offers accounting, and payment systems. New product creation allows for advanced options where users can get price estimates immediately by filling in specific details like weights, stone counts, and finishing, or simply to submit a design outline for quotation.

“I’m very excited about this new system. It’s really going to revolutionize not only our business, but the entire industry. Each piece of jewelry has so many specific details to account for, and the back end organizes all of that for our production staff automatically. It used to take us a week just to organize the paperwork for new orders, now when a client places an order it’s instantly queued in production with all of the necessary paperwork for the workers. This includes any specific manufacturing notes or extra QC points that the client would like addressed. One really exciting point is that our administration section allows us to combine orders for feeding into production and then break them back down into individual orders for shipping. This allows us to do something that no other factory is doing; our clients can feed us orders as they receive them from their distributors in whatever arbitrary small quantities their retailers order. We can then package each order individually for our clients so that on receipt they can forward each on without repacking it. This saves heaps of time, not only in in order processing, but also because it allows our clients to practice Just in Time inventory methods instead of waiting and consolidating orders until they meet quantity minimums. We start to get a glimmer of the possibilities as we are seeing an expansion not only in our current branded production activities, but also with new markets like retail jewelry outlets that wish to offer their clients the ability to order custom creations. It’s extremely promising.”

-Noah Severs, CEO