American Gemstone Group, one of the most dominant players in OEM branded fine jewelry manufacturing has established a new factory in the Bang Bon Industrial Zone in Bangkok, Thailand. After rapid growth from 2013 – 2015, American Gemstone strengthens it’s Thailand operations with the aim of tripling production capacity over the next 2 years.

Ms. (Yao) Busayamas Parinram will continue on as factory manager in charge of production at the new facility.

“The new factory will increase our Thailand production capacity from approximately 30,000 pieces per month to an expected 100,000 pieces per month over the course of the next two years.” says Yao. “Having a horizontal layout, where our entire production can be spread across a single floor is far more efficient than that of our Ekkachai Road facility, where different processes were spread over different floors. Also being in an industrial district gives us some interesting opportunities to pursue Board of Investment subsidies, especially since we are using very modern equipment at the new location.”

American Gemstone offers jewelry brands the ability to outsource their jewelry productions with top 10 brand quality, ultra fast turnaround, and no minimum order quantities. The ability to turn around orders of any size in a matter of weeks, while still upholding very strict quality standards is something quite new to the market.

“We don’t have any real competition that i’m aware of. What’s really unique about our system is the way that we allow our customers to enter their orders as needed by their distributors. Some of our larger clients might put in 10 to 50 orders in a day ranging from 1 piece to 5000 pieces per order. When they receive the box, they simply forward the orders to their respective distributors. This allows for our clients to practice JIT systems, something that hasn’t been done yet in the jewelry industry. This has led to a lot of interest by a lot of people. I’m very excited by the next couple years as we plan on scaling our growth and really pushing the limits of rapid manufacturing.”

-Noah Severs, CEO