American Gemstone Group together with chief executives and personnel involved from all departments have prioritized the importance of social responsibility within our organization. According to environmental and safety regulations, environmental problems, organizational risks, and situational changes, chief executives see it being appropriate to make the following commitments to environmental management, occupational health, and safety as follows:

  1. We are determined to enhance quality of life of all of our employees.
  2. We are determined to continually improve the workplace above and beyond the occupational health and safety standard.
  3. We are determined to take all measures possible to reduce work related accidents to zero.
  4. We are determined to prevent pollution and rehabilitate the environment by:
    1. promoting operations aimed to prevent pollution and rehabilitate the environment,
    2. restricting water pollution released from our premises,
    3. promoting waste segregation inside our premises,
    4. promoting material reuse aimed to reduce waste.
  1. We are determined to conserve energy wherever possible and continue to explore alternative energy sources wherever possible.
  2. As a manufacturer of fine jewelry, we use gemstones, diamonds, and gold in our productions. In certain instances, these materials have been associated with financing conflict or regional violence in some countries. As such we are make the following commitments:
    1. We will not support the use of minerals or materials in our manufacturing that are linked to conflict.
    2. Suppliers to American Gemstone Group must adopt a policy regarding conflict minerals consistent with ours.