Payment Methods & Payment Terms

Payment Procedures

Silver Jewelry Prototypes

  • Via our standard jewelry development procedure we will first manufacture a silver prototype of your jewelry design before proceeding with any productions or gold samples. For more information please visit our Jewelry Prototyping section. We require all jewelry prototypes to be paid up front in full. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Gold Jewelry Prototypes

  1. Occasionally time does not permit a customer to go through our normal procedure of manufacturing a silver prototype prior to creation of gold samples. In this manner, gold prototypes and single unique piece orders will be paid up front as a deposit for production, utilizing the metal weight estimates quoted.
  2. On completion of the jewelry sample, the invoice will be adjusted to reflect the actual metal usage. If there is a significant discrepancy between the initial estimated metal weight and the final metal weight, we will either refund or collect any discrepancy on your receipt of the prototype.

Jewelry Production Orders

  • Once a jewelry prototype model has been accepted you will be free to make production orders at your discretion. Generally goods will be delivered FOB to your carrier of choice.

Small Orders

  • Our business is designed to accommodate new designers and small operators by allowing orders of any quantity to be made. Our unique jewelry development interface allows our clients to place orders as you receive them from your distributors in whatever quantities your retailers order. We can then package each order so that on receipt you can forward it on to your outlets. This saves heaps of time, not only in in order processing, but also because it allows you to practice Just in Time inventory methods instead of waiting and consolidating orders until they meet quantity minimums.

Methods of Payment & Terms

Credit Card

  • This is our preferred method of payment for jewelry prototype orders. We accept Visa & Master Card through our company merchant account. Please note that we charge an extra 3.8% service fee for processing payments via credit card. This is added at the time of order checkout if payment via credit card is selected.


  • We accept prototype and unique piece payments via Paypal, though orders over $2,000 will need to be made via another payment method. As in the case of credit card payments, we charge an extra 3.8% service fee for processing payments via paypal. This is added at the time of order checkout if payment via paypal is selected.

TT (Wire Transfer)

  • This is our preferred method of payment for jewelry production orders. Bank details are provided at time of order.

Check/Money Order

  1. We accept corporate checks; however we will not begin production until after the checks have cleared. This can sometimes take up to 5 business days.
  2. Checks or money orders must be made payable in US dollars.

L/C (Letter of Credit)

  1. L/C’s are sometimes utilized for orders with first time customers when placing high value orders.
  2. All costs associated with L/C is the responsibility of the buyer
  3. By this method we accept the bank’s guaranty to pay us on conclusion of sale terms instead of a personal guaranty from our customers. Any international bank would be happy to explain in further detail as well as offer their rates for such a transaction.

Credit Card Lock

  • As an alternative to an L/C production clients may elect to authorize locking in of funds on a credit card as a payment guaranty. This is a simple process whereby you may sign an authorization form enabling us to lock in funds and charge the card only in the event of a payment default. Should you make payment by other means within the agreed time period, the lock will expire and funds will be released back to the credit card without being charged.

Jewelry Payment Terms

Except in rare circumstances for the first production order with a customer we can offer terms only if guarantied by a Letter Of Credit from an international bank or guarantied by funds locked in on a credit card. As we proceed in business together we generally allow for a production deposit of 65% on jewelry orders of over $20,000 with the remaining due on order completion prior to shipment. We will never ship orders prior to full receipt of payment unless secured by a payment guaranty (L/C or Credit Card Lock).

Certain policy exceptions are made for large organizations.