Wholesale Jewelry Pricing

Wholesale Jewelry Pricing

Our invoices are done in such a way as to be as transparent as possible on our pricing. This allows you to get a feel for how much projects will cost before you have even begun to create them. As we are primarily a production company all of our unit prices are geared towards wholesale jewelry orders. First prototypes created of a style will also enjoy our regular wholesale prices with no surcharges added outside of development fees for creation of masters, molds, and designs. As such we do not have pricing discounts for orders of higher quantities of a product.

prices1How is your pricing calculated?

When you sign up for a customer account with American gemstone you will automatically be assigned to a pricing group based on a number criteria which will be researched by a staff at the time of your account creation.

You will be able to see pricing through the wholesale jewelry quotation system which can be accessed by clicking on the “Submit Your Jewelry Design For Quotation” link on the left of the screen under the quotations menu. When logged in to your account, you can also use the Jewelry Appraiser link under the “Information” menu to see wholesale prices based on various component selections to get an idea of a production price per piece prior to submitting it for a formal quotation. Note that while your logged into your account, the Jewelry Appraiser will display your wholesale prices for components but not when your logged out.

If you consistently order high volumes your account pricing may be further upgraded.

Pricing for precious metals used in your jewelry is inclusive of all wastage. This means that you only pay for the actual raw material inside your piece of jewelry. Many companies will quote a price per gram for a material, but then add wastage figures on to that as well as other surcharges, so you may receive 3 grams of gold, but in actuality pay for 5 grams.

When submitting jewelry designs inside your user account, you will see pricing breakdowns of all materials used in your jewelry product. Gold and silver is priced out per gram, and gemstones are generally priced out per piece. For advanced users, our web portal allows you to select your own estimates of material usage when submitting a new jewelry design for quotation. This allows you to receive instant ballpark estimates for custom wholesale jewelry creations, and further allows you to tailor your product to a specific target budget prior to submission for review.

Our precious metal rates are always inclusive of:



Production wastage from filing, setting, and polishing.


Please note that precious metal prices and currencies fluctuate daily, so it is important to check in on prices regularly. Further we will only lock in metal prices once an invoice has been paid, so reserve the right to cancel invoices that have been issued prior to payment in the event that there are major fluctuations in the commodities markets. To see our current precious metals prices, please log into your user account at our client portal

  • Precious Metals: Metals are charged at a per gram rate, with expected total weights and prices calculated.
  • Gemstones: Gemstones are typically charged per piece, and each size and variety is listed separately.
  • Labor: Labor fees will vary based on the complexity of the design.
    • During the prototyping stage, the labor fee is an estimate.
    • Once jewelry prototypes are approved, your product will be moved to a production ready status where we will quote an exact price per piece a quantity order.
  • Prototyping Fee: The prototyping fee is a fee that we charge for the first piece manufactured of any design to offset the costs of development. Once the prototype has been completed and accepted for production, this fee will be waived on all future orders of this design.
  • Small Orders: We have no Minimum Order Quantities. Your pricing structure is reflected by your business classification not by the number of products that you order. We do this because it allows our clients to practice Just In Time inventory systems. Some of our larger clients might put in 10 to 50 orders in a day ranging from 1 piece to 5000 pieces per order. When they receive the box, they simply forward the orders to their respective distributors.